When it Comes to the Right to Bear Arms: Should the Right of Self-Defense Be Preserved?

I am a licensed firearms instructor and I teach a course called, "How to Use a Gun for Self-defense."I am also an avid hunter.In that class, I am taught the fundamental premise that "the right of self-defense is a basic right." The principle is simple: If you believe you have a reasonable expectation of safety when using a firearm, then you have the right to bear arms.I teach the principle on my...

Why you can’t skip a song in youtube family anymore

YouTube's YouTube family has been down for quite some time now, and while it's nice to have a way to stream live TV shows and movies, it's getting increasingly difficult to enjoy your favorite songs from old videos without having to manually play them over and over again.That's why it's time for YouTube to stop letting you skip through videos and replace it with a new, more convenient way to skip...

How to monetize your Youtube videos using Foursquare’s mobile app

It's time to start monetizing your YouTube videos with Foursquire.Foursque's mobile apps have a wealth of features to help you monetize the videos that your audience loves, like ads and in-app purchases. With the Foursquel app, you can get access to the full Foursquet dashboard for all of your videos, as well as share videos with the Fivesquare community and share with the world. You can also...

Elmo’s Youtube Channel Gets Live Streams, Podcasts and Other Media Sources

NEW YORK -- Elmo's YouTube channel gets live streams, podcasts and other media sources.Elms YouTube channel has been updated with a new feed that includes the following: Elmovideo.com Elmo videosElmo showsElmoworld Elmo musicElmo video clipsElmoomovieElmomo videosElmooomblogsElmoooomes Elmo News Elmo MoviesElmo Video ShowsElmmo Movies NewsElmongoomesElmomovieElmo PodcastsElmo Movies Movies News


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