YouTube Censors ‘Pizzagate’ Video After Censorship Scandal

Google has announced it is banning videos of a controversial “Pizzagaters” video, after it was viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube.

The video, titled “PizzaGate,” was made by two men claiming to be from the online pizza delivery service, Pizzagate, and claimed that there was a conspiracy between prominent pizza restaurant owners, conspiracy theorists and anti-Trump protestors, which included pedophilia, rape and child molestation.

In response, YouTube said it had removed the video and suspended the accounts of the men.

“Powered by Google AdSense, this video is currently removed from YouTube because it contains material that violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” the company said in a statement.

The videos are being removed from our YouTube channels.” “

As a result, we have suspended the account of the two men responsible for the video.

The videos are being removed from our YouTube channels.”

The videos have attracted attention for their content and tone, including claims that Pizzagater and the other pizza deliverymen were involved in child sex trafficking.

In an attempt to address concerns about the content of the videos, Google has also said that videos may not be uploaded to its own channels, and the company’s guidelines do not specifically state that videos cannot be removed.

“The videos in question are the work of a small group of individuals who are not associated with Google or the Google community, and who are making their videos without the knowledge or approval of Google or its Community Guidelines Committee,” the statement said.

“Users who are concerned about videos they have watched or downloaded should review our guidelines to understand how their videos can be removed from Google.”

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A video of a woman being sexually assaulted has gone viral, prompting outrage from people across the political spectrum, including the President.

In a video released last week, Trump said that his campaign was being targeted by the “deep state” and that the Democratic Party was being infiltrated by people with a “deep-seated agenda.”

In a separate video released Tuesday, Trump called the allegations against him “total fiction,” saying he would be willing to testify about his relationship with women.

Trump also said in the video that the media was “going to be forced to lie” about his “sickening” behavior, but that he is the victim of a “witch hunt” because the media does not want to cover his “phony scandal.”

In the second video, Trump was asked about allegations against his campaign, but said that “we are the victim” of a smear campaign.

“They are trying to smear me, they are trying the same thing over and over again, over and Over again, because I’m a weak person,” Trump said.

The Pizzigaters video was one of several videos that were posted online after the release of the first video by the group, and it has generated a lot of attention and controversy.

“There’s no evidence that anything has changed.

It’s the same people,” the narrator said in one of the video, in which a man can be seen saying, “It’s the Democrats, it’s the democrats, it is the Democrats.”

“If you go and see the video today, it’ll be the same,” he said.

Another narrator said, “This is the same same group of people that put out this fake story.”

The second video had more than one narrator, with the man saying that the Democrat Party was “running scared” and was “under attack.”

The narrator also said, “[T]his is the Democrat party that ran a campaign that was so corrupt and so dishonest, so dirty, so nasty, that the whole country is tired of it.”

The Piggies account has also been viewed over 9 million times, according to YouTube, and has more than 2.5 billion views.

The group has since deleted all the videos it posted.

“In light of the recent controversy surrounding Pizzgate, we’ve taken immediate action to ban the following videos from our channels,” YouTube said.


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