When Donald Trump will officially accept the GOP nomination

The House and Senate are expected to take up Donald Trump’s nomination to be the next U.S. president Thursday.

The move is a sign of how quickly the presumptive Republican nominee has changed in recent days.

The House and the Senate are scheduled to hold a rare vote Thursday morning.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will then hold a floor vote on the nominee.

It is unclear whether Trump will accept the nomination.

On Monday, Trump announced his decision to leave the Republican Party after he received a disappointing win in the Indiana primary.

Trump had hoped to win the nomination by securing the endorsement of Indiana Gov.

Mike Pence.

He failed to win that backing.

Trump’s defeat, however, left him without a viable alternative to the Republican nominee.

Republicans have not yet coalesced around a candidate, so the Senate is expected to vote on Trump’s pick Friday morning.

In an interview with The Hill, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that if Trump accepts the nomination, Republicans will likely support him.

Ryan added that the Senate would likely reject the nominee, which would likely lead to the resignation of Vice President Mike Pence and the resignation and impeachment of Trump.

Republican leaders have made it clear that Trump will be the nominee if he becomes the party’s standard bearer.

But there is still a lot of confusion over how this nomination process will play out.

Trump’s transition team has been under fire for the last several days over the possibility of him accepting the nomination and then being removed from office if the process fails.

Republicans, in turn, have been accusing the Trump campaign of trying to sway the Senate vote in his favor.

Republican leaders, however have insisted that the party would support the nominee even if it meant allowing the election to go forward.

Trump was asked by The Associated Press if he would accept the Republican nomination for president.

He responded: I am very excited, I think that it’s very, very important that we have a good process going.

Trump has repeatedly said that he would like to be elected president and that he does not believe the process should be tainted by a party’s nominee.

During the campaign, Trump said that the Democrats have “taken control of the Senate” by blocking the nomination of Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Republicans have been criticized for holding up the nomination process, which is supposed to be a bipartisan process, and instead allowing Democrats to nominate their own vice president.

Democrats have repeatedly accused Republicans of blocking Trump’s nominee for the presidency, which they view as a way to hurt him.

Democrats say they have been successful in blocking Trump from getting the Republican Senate majority.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has repeatedly accused the Trump administration of trying “to change the rules” to thwart Trump’s candidacy.


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