YouTube music video relaxing music

YouTube’s relaxing music video for the song “Sleepover” has been relaxing music for some time, but the video has now taken the internet by storm, inspiring an army of people to take the song and make it cool again.

The song has already gone viral on YouTube and has been viewed more than 13 million times since it was posted last week.

The video, which features two young men dancing to the tune of “Sleepovers,” is one of many videos that have been making the rounds on social media, and has garnered hundreds of comments, many of them praising the song.

While most of the comments seem to be supportive of the song, some users have been more critical, with some people saying that the video is inappropriate for younger audiences and some even calling it sexist.

One person wrote, “If the video was meant for people like me, it would be a great way to break up with the family.

It would also be a perfect excuse for a party.

Just sayin’.”

Another person wrote that the song is “offensive and inappropriate” for younger people, and that the lyrics were “sexist and offensive” for young men.

A number of other comments have been equally scathing, and some users were even calling out YouTube for not taking the video down or removing the video from its site.

One user wrote: “I hate when people make videos for kids.

If it’s a child, then it’s for the younger audience.

If they’re a grown up, they should be doing something about it.”

Another said: “YouTube is like the internet equivalent of the old days, only with more children, more videos, and more adults.”

Another added: “It’s not OK to make videos that glorify rape.”

One commenter said: “[YouTube] should take down this video.

This song is for the young and the stupid, not the adult audience.

And it’s not for adults, not for kids.”

In an email to The Associated Press, YouTube told us:”The video has been removed for being inappropriate for a younger audience, and for being sexist and offensive to young people.

YouTube’s policy is to remove videos that violate our Community Guidelines.”


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