How to get your child to stop talking and stop talking at school

CBS News’ Steve Coll has been following this story closely since the beginning of it all, and he says he’s convinced his son has it.

His son, now 14, was in fourth grade when he started speaking to the class in Spanish.

His teachers didn’t believe him, and when the boy was taken to the principal, the principal was very upset, Coll said.

Coll says his son was able to communicate through his Spanish.

He tells me his son is now a proud and self-confident young man.

And he tells me that if he’s not talking to people now, he’s going to be.

He tells me he can’t imagine life without Spanish at his school, because it’s the only language he speaks.

And I think he’s right.

In our nation’s history, Spanish has never been a dominant language in this country, but it has been an integral part of our education system for the last 300 years.

It’s an essential part of a student’s education.

In elementary school, for example, students learn how to write.

And in high school, they learn how a car works.

Spanish is also the language of many business leaders, celebrities and people who work in media and entertainment.

And it’s a major language in sports and professional sports, like basketball and football.

So what’s behind the sudden and sudden decline in the number of students who speak Spanish in public schools?

Why are they speaking the language in such low numbers?

Why is Spanish becoming less popular?

Coll explains it all in his new book, Spanish Language and the Future of America: How to Make a Nation Speak Spanish Again.

The book includes the most comprehensive analysis of the topic yet, including the best-selling book by linguist Daniel Bell, The Lost Art of Spanish Speaking.

It also includes research that shows that more than half of students at all levels of Spanish education have at least one language spoken at home.

And yet, more than one-third of Americans say they have no formal language experience, according to research from the University of Florida.

What’s happening is we’re getting a generation of kids that are not really prepared for life in the U.S. as a nation, and there’s a lot of things that have to change in order to make sure that that never happens again, Coll told me.

Coll is not the only linguist who has concerns about the language barrier.

The American Language Institute, a national association of linguists, issued a report last year warning that the number and quality of languages spoken in the United States could plummet in the next decade if the country continues to have such a high rate of Hispanic immigration.

The group says Latinos and other immigrants comprise only 15 percent of the U, S. population.

In the past, Coll says, he has been able to teach Spanish in his son’s class at the same time as other students.

But since this year, he says, that’s no longer the case.

Coll, who is a former teacher himself, says that when his son began to speak Spanish, he was concerned that it might interfere with his son learning to read.

He also worried about the effect that the Spanish language might have on his son, who was struggling with language skills at the time.

But he didn’t know how to teach his son to speak in English, so he told his son the best way to communicate was through Spanish.

His daughter, now 16, is a student in a Spanish class at her high school and, as of last week, has learned Spanish fluently.

Coll says his daughter’s Spanish is so good that it helps her when she talks to people in Spanish-speaking countries.

And she’s learning English.

The new book also tells the story of a 15-year-old boy from the Dominican Republic who spoke Spanish for almost two decades at the start of his life, before he was diagnosed with a severe form of autism.

Now he’s fluent in English and has spoken at least 100 public school and elementary school events in the Dominican republic, including many at the school where Coll is a teacher.

Coll’s research also includes a study from the Pew Hispanic Center that looked at whether parents of Spanish speakers were more likely to have their children speak in Spanish at home, rather than at school.

The Pew study found that parents of people with a second language were far more likely than their parents to be the ones to speak up for their children.

Coll also told me that in the last two years, he and his wife, Amy, have had a daughter, whose Spanish is better than hers, and she’s now the primary language of her life.

And while the language is changing, so are the families that speak Spanish.

Coll is optimistic about the future of this new language.

And we’re seeing an explosion in Spanish in the classroom, he said.

And that’s a good thing.


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