Why the NDP will win the election

After weeks of criticism for its handling of the death of a Canadian soldier and a controversial robocall, the NDP is aiming to capitalize on the momentum it built in a surprise leadership contest, as it seeks to become the first party to win a majority government since 1984.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, interim leader Nycole Turmel said the party is “really looking forward to taking over.”

The party’s election campaign began Tuesday with a robocalling campaign, a move that has been criticized as a sign that the party has lost its way.

“We need to win the next election,” Turmel told The Globe.

“There are lots of things that we can do to build on the gains we’ve made.”

Turmel, who will lead the party for a third time after winning a leadership contest last year, said she hopes to use the time to address some of the party’s more controversial policies.

The party also wants to build an inclusive, inclusive, progressive vision, which includes ending corporate and union control of public institutions and ending the war on drugs.

But Turmel added the party needs to have a clear strategy to defeat Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

She said the NDP would work with the Liberals and Green Party, but not as a third party.

“I’m looking for an agenda that’s not based on fear and anger,” Turpel said.

“That’s what we’re working on.

We’re going to be open to a discussion, to an exchange, with all parties, and we want to have that dialogue.”

Turmal said she has met with leaders of both parties, but said she would have to wait until the leadership contest ends before she can discuss their ideas.

The NDP is looking to use a roboteck campaign to bring in new voters in key areas.

The group is using an Android app that uses a series of animated videos to inform voters about the party, including a robofilter campaign, an NDP web video, a “coconut” video, and a “Coco” video.

“In order to make sure we reach out to those people who are already involved in our campaigns, we’ve started using a series that’s animated videos,” Turmal told The Canadian Press.

“People have been asking us to make this a more interactive experience, so we’re doing that with a series called Coco that is a series where people will see their own voice, a cartoon version of their voice, and their own image as they’re voting in the next elections.”

The video shows a woman dressed in a black tank top and shorts, sitting at a table, chatting with an animated woman.

The woman says: “I voted for you because I know what you stand for, I know how you’ll protect my health care and my kids.”

She then turns to the cartoon woman and says: “… but what if it wasn’t that way?

What if you didn’t care about the rich and powerful and the wealthy, or about the environment?

I voted for us because you stand up for the little guy, for the everyday Joe and the working mom and the grandma who’s going through the grind.”

Turmmel said a new digital campaign is under way, and is aimed at increasing the number of people who can access the party website.

The election campaign, which has been largely a test run, has also included an online “survey” of Canadians’ views on key issues, including taxes, jobs, the economy and the environment.

Turmel’s team also will work with candidates in ridings across the country, and will continue to work with local media and the party on “issue-focused television” ads.

The campaign will also focus on reaching out to voters in places like Edmonton, where Turmel spoke to a crowd of supporters Wednesday night at the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Turmels office was also flooded with calls from people who said they were excited about her candidacy, including one woman who asked to speak to her directly.

“She’s a great leader, a really great person,” said the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid angering Turmel.

“If we could win this election, we could be a party of the people, and she’s a really good person to be our leader.”

Turms office has been flooded with emails from people asking for help identifying potential voters.

“When I think about the next three months, I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m just sitting in a booth listening to someone say they love us and then going home,” said Turmel in an interview.

“It’s important that people know that we are serious about making a difference and we have to work as hard as we can, and that’s what I’m focused on.”

Turma said she is also looking forward “to the opportunities we have as a party to help people in their everyday lives.” “I really


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