How to get fired from YouTube TV

Jimmie Fallon, the former executive producer of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, has resigned from his post after a year on the network.

Colbert has been the most-watched late-night host on cable for years.

But the move comes after a number of other recent departures including Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Matt Lauer and Brian Williams.

The resignation came after Colbert had tweeted that the network was “sick and tired” of his work and asked his Twitter followers to boycott his channel, which was launched in February.

“We’re all sick and tired of the constant interruptions of our brilliant, talented, and passionate team of writers, artists, and producers.

We’re not getting paid for it.

We just want to make it our own,” Colbert tweeted.

“Let’s take a moment and take this seriously, and not just to ourselves.

And let’s do this in the most effective way possible, because it’s our job.

We want to be a TV network.

We are.

And we deserve to be.”

The move comes as Colbert’s ratings have dropped, with a new report saying that the show has lost nearly 15 million viewers over the last 12 months.

It was not immediately clear if Colbert had offered to resign.

He had been with the network since 2009.

His departure comes after several other recent personnel changes at the network, including the departure of Stephen Colbert in March, as well as Stephen Colbert’s departure in February, and a recent exit of Michael Che, the show’s co-creator and star.

A source told The Daily Beast that Colbert will be leaving to start his own network.

Fallon also had a string of high-profile television appearances, including hosting the late-show segment The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and the Colbert Report.

The Colbert Report has become one of the most popular late-day shows on cable, with viewers regularly tuning in to hear the host’s take on the news and political events.

Fallons recent Twitter posts have also been critical of the network’s coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement.

His latest tweet, which has since been deleted, said: The last time the media made an attempt to show the real issues that affect Black lives.

The media just made excuses about racism, violence, etc. It is time for real people to come forward.

This is not about race, this is about racism.

His tweet drew criticism from other news outlets.

CNN reported that Fallon had said that he had been fired from his position because of his tweets, and that his tweet had been deleted.

The network said in a statement that it had reached out to Fallon to discuss the situation and that the decision was not an act of revenge.


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