PJ masks are a new trend in Irish fashion

Video games and other technology have taken the minds of young Irish men and women to a whole new level.PJ masks, also known as “virtual reality” masks, are an extremely new trend amongst Irish fashion bloggers and fashion designers.

PJs are made from a thin mesh that is attached to the face using a computer and then placed on the face by a user.

They are not usually made to look like any real mask, but instead resemble an oversized rubber mask, with goggles, a mask head and a mask pocket.

The masks are sold at the Pajama Girl boutique in Dublin.

They can be purchased online or at a Pajamashop in the city.

There are many different styles and sizes, with styles ranging from simple masks to more elaborate masks.

Some of the most popular styles include: A large white mask with a large black mask on top, An oversized red mask with black mask and red eyes, A pink mask with pink eyes and black mask, The black and red style has a white mask on a red base and a red face, and the white and black style has both a white and red mask on red base, There is a white/red mask and a white face mask with both black and white masks on a blue base, and a black and black face mask on blue base.

There are also some different designs and sizes of masks with a face mask, a red and white face, a pink mask, and blue mask.

Some of these masks are also available in a wide range of colors, such as: There’s a grey/black mask with red eyes and red lips, a black/black face mask and black eyes, and white/white face masks with red and black faces.

A black mask with white eyes and a pink face mask.

Pajamashops have also begun to stock a range of masks, with a variety of sizes and styles available, as well as more advanced styles.

There are also a number of masks available for men, and women, in the range of 10-15 masks.

There is also a range available for women.

There have been some very popular masks on the market, such in the form of “virtual masks” and “real masks”.

PajamaGirl is also in the process of opening a branch in Dublin for the next few months.


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