When Sarah Cooper makes YouTube videos for her own YouTube channel

Sarah Cooper started her YouTube channel back in February, but now it’s bigger than ever.

Cooper, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to making videos for herself, also recently launched a video-sharing platform called Tilt.

It’s basically a one-stop shop for people to upload videos to YouTube.

Cooper says her platform is the closest thing to YouTube for people who like to make videos and share them with friends, and she hopes it can help others in similar situations.

“If you’ve ever tried to make a YouTube video yourself, it’s not quite as easy,” Cooper told News24.

“You don’t have as much control.

It can be really frustrating.”

Read more:Sarah Cooper, a self-described “YouTube addict” who made videos for several years, is opening up a new video-making platform for others to find and share their own videos.

Cooper started Tilt, a video sharing platform, after a number of people contacted her about her video sharing experience.

“I think it was just really exciting for people, because we can be doing things that we’re passionate about and we don’t necessarily have the experience of making a video ourselves,” Cooper said.

“That’s really cool for people.”

The platform has since grown to include hundreds of videos uploaded by users who share their YouTube experiences on Tilt and the YouTube website.

Cooper is hoping that people can see the content they upload through her platform and share it with others.

“People have the ability to make content for themselves, so it’s really exciting to see people making content for others,” Cooper explained.

“I think that’s really important for people because we all have to find the same thing.

There’s so much content out there that we don’s know what to make and we all want to make something that we enjoy.”

Read More: Sarah Cooper launches a new YouTube channel to help people make their own YouTube videos


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