How to get rich in China: What you need to know

The US government has long been concerned about China’s growing influence, and in recent years, US officials have said it is “the most significant geopolitical threat the world has ever faced.”

It is the US that has provided Beijing with the military hardware and military expertise needed to build a military network stretching from the South China Sea to the Pacific, as well as the technology to conduct and execute attacks on other countries.

Now, China is becoming the biggest military and intelligence provider in the world, according to Chinese state media.

It is also taking advantage of a global arms race.

The United States is also increasingly focused on the threat posed by China’s military, with the Trump administration reportedly seeking a new arms treaty with Beijing. 

China’s influence In its new strategic vision, China says its aim is to have “global military leadership” by 2030, with an estimated US$500 trillion in military spending by 2020.

China’s Strategic Policy for the Twenty-First Century (SPNY) is a document outlining its long-term goals, including military-to-military ties, strategic cooperation, the creation of new alliances, and a strategic balance.

China has said that it is aiming to have an army of 300 million soldiers by 2030 and its military spending at $500 trillion.

In a recent speech, China’s President Xi Jinping laid out the strategic vision of his country.

“China has decided to set its own strategic course,” he said.

“Its strategic objective is to become a global power.”

The US, the world’s largest military spender, has said the US will be its “main and sole strategic partner.”

But it has also said that while China is a “great power” and that the US and China have a shared interest in the security of the world and that both countries “should strive to deepen cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis”, there will be “no military-first” approach. 

As a result, Beijing has built up its own army, military-industrial complex, and intelligence-sharing networks with the United States.

It also relies on the US military for intelligence and technology. 

A key strategic question is whether China’s rise will be a positive development for the US, or whether the US itself will become weaker.

China is not a major military power.

China only has about 4 million soldiers.

But Beijing has vast oil and gas reserves, has access to strategic waterways, and has been able to purchase much of the US’s advanced weaponry.

It has also taken advantage of an arms race that has seen the US produce weapons that can be used against China.

“There’s been a lot of rhetoric about the need to confront China, but in practice we have been pretty passive,” says David Filipov, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia and the Pacific.

“The US military has really taken a pass on China.

They have not used the same military force as China.”

China has also relied on its military industrial complex to buy US weapons, and to develop military software and hardware.

And, in recent decades, China has built a huge network of commercial arms dealers, military engineers, and other technology suppliers that can help it develop and produce weapons, according a recent article in the Atlantic magazine.

In addition to military hardware, China also imports technology from the United Nations and other global arms makers.

This includes technologies like GPS and missile-tracking systems, radar, missiles, and electronic warfare systems. 

The US has responded by deploying forces on the Korean peninsula.

China also has deployed an army in the South East Asian country of East Timor, where a military alliance with Indonesia is also being challenged by Beijing.

But the Trump-Xi administration has taken a less aggressive stance, saying the United State must remain vigilant against China’s expanding military reach. 

“It is important that the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates remain committed to the principle of free trade and to free access to the global market,” the US Treasury Department said in a statement last year. 

Meanwhile, in Asia, China and its allies have become the dominant military power in the region.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, China now has the largest armed forces in Asia and one of the biggest missile forces in the Pacific Ocean.

China now also controls most of the maritime border between Asia and Africa, and is building military bases along the coasts of Southeast Asia. 

In recent years China has been increasing its military presence in the disputed South China Seas, where Beijing is building islands and constructing military facilities.

China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Taiwan, and Brunei Islands are also embroiled in disputes with China over islands in the Spratlys and the Paracel Islands.

China was accused of sinking a Philippine naval vessel in the contested South China sea last month, killing seven Filipinos and injuring 12.

The US has also stepped up its pressure on China to stop building military installations and to halt illegal fishing in its waters. 

Last year, the Trump White House threatened to impose trade sanctions on China


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