How to Get Rid of the Buzzfeed Icon-Odyssey and Replace It with a Buzzfeed-Like Logo

I know I’m not the only one who’s been itching to do this, and for good reason.

I’ve been searching for a logo that perfectly evokes the look and feel of a BuzzFeed, and I’ve found one.

I love Buzzfeed.

I love it so much, in fact, that I’ve created my own logo, one that’s just as good.

I hope you enjoy it.

The idea of a logo is a lot like a puzzle.

The pieces are connected.

We start with an idea and then we build up a design to make it perfect.

Buzzfeed’s logo is all about that perfect, round, shiny look. 

What I love about Buzzfeed is that the logo is simple.

It’s clean and modern.

It feels organic and modern and timeless.

It represents a perfect blend of technology, news, and entertainment.

This logo fits the mold of everything Buzzfeed has to offer, from the original newsstand to the digital content and content-sharing ecosystem.

The logo is meant to remind you that this is a site you can trust, that it’s your friend, and that you can rely on it to keep up with the latest trends in content and entertainment around the world.

It should look like the logo of a website that makes sense and is worth trusting.

Here are a few ideas that I think work:The logo has three distinct parts: the letters that make up the name, the lettering that looks like a heart, and the color scheme. 

Buzzfeed is all-caps, so the letters are the most important part.

The lettering is the last part.

I tried to make the letters easy to read, and then have a clear sense of who the site is.

The letters should all be a little larger than your head, but you shouldn’t have to take your eyes off of them for long.

The logo should be crisp and simple, like a newspaper. 

The letters on the bottom of the logo are the words, “Buzzfeed,” “We Are,” and “We” and are meant to give the logo its personality. 

I love that the letters seem to be repeating themselves.

The logo is an organic and clean logo, but that’s what makes it stand out.

I like that they don’t make the logo look like a piece of plastic. 

Instead, they make it look like something tangible.

That’s the best way to give it personality and to make sure it looks like it’s on your wrist.

I also like the color palette, which is meant for a clean and simple look.

It is light and crisp, with a nice white background. 

And then there’s the logo’s font. 

There are so many different fonts that people use to create a logo.

You can choose from many fonts, but I’m going to stick with the basic one: italic.

 The text inside the logo should stand out against the background of the rest of the website.

It shouldn’t be too distracting or hard to read.

I have to say, it’s perfect for this type of logo. 

When it comes to the color, I used the basic black.

It stands out well against the logo, as it doesn’t stand out too much against the rest. 

As for the fonts themselves, they are simple, yet powerful.

The font that I chose for the logo looks good with the rest and is a nice change of pace. 

This logo is very simple and clean, and it is very clear that this logo is designed to reflect the ethos of Buzzfeed and the newsstand that it serves.

The name and the letters stand out, but the rest is pretty simple. 

Here are some ideas for how to use this logo:You can also customize the font to your taste.

The colors are great and vibrant, and they blend in with the design perfectly. 

 Here’s what I came up with:


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