‘Ted Talks’ YouTube: A hilarious rant about being on the internet

It’s been two years since Ted talks YouTube.

And now he’s back with a video he thinks will be the biggest hit of his career.

The ‘Ted Talk’ is the most viewed TED talk of all time, topping out at nearly 10 million views on YouTube alone, and it was featured in the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine.

The article is a celebration of the video’s success, but also the fact that Ted has a huge fanbase and his followers are now the ones giving him the money he needs to make his videos.

“I don’t think anyone has ever had to write or record a video that people are so engaged and engaged and so engaged in, because they’re so involved,” Ted said in an interview with the Times Magazine in December.

“And they know who they are and they know that it’s just me.”

The video is an extended and thoughtful discussion of how technology has changed the world, from how the internet is destroying jobs to how people like him can’t make a living on the side, to the importance of supporting a network of volunteers and volunteers like him.

It’s a frank, and often funny, look at his personal life and how he came to the conclusion that he needed to make a career out of YouTube.

It also addresses his view that people aren’t always ready for an honest conversation about how technology can change the world.

It was a rare, but effective, break from the political and social commentary that has been the foundation of Ted Talks videos.

He started by addressing the recent decision by the Trump administration to ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

“We need to make it clear that the American people know that I support our troops, that we support our vets, that I know what it takes to make this country safe and secure and free again,” Ted says.

“If we allow these things to happen, the whole world is going to be destroyed.”

He goes on to say that he believes that he has a “huge audience” for his video, that the video is the “top video of all-time” on YouTube, and that he’s also a “celebrity” in the world of tech.

“This is not the first time that I’ve done this, but I think it’s the first of many, because I think we are seeing the emergence of this kind of platform that allows anyone to be a champion, and to be part of this community of people,” Ted told the Times.

He continues: “We are witnessing a very profound change in the way that we communicate with each other, the way we talk about the world and how we live.”

Ted Talks was filmed over two years, and he says he and his wife, Michelle, filmed it over a weekend and a day, “and we didn’t have any time to edit the video, or even take care of the editing.”

They had to wait a couple of weeks for Ted to have the final edits ready.

“There was just no time,” Ted explains.

“We could only be there for an hour, and I had to make sure we had enough time to film it and that it was accurate.”

The videos, which feature a mix of Ted’s personal anecdotes and his advice to anyone who wants to make something cool out of technology, have attracted more than 8 million views and more than 9 million comments.

The TED talks have also become a source of entertainment for people like Mike Goggin, a former Wall Street analyst who became a viral sensation after sharing his TED Talk on YouTube.

Goggin is now a YouTube star himself, with more than 2.7 million subscribers.

He posted a video on Monday, and while he admits he doesn’t know much about TED Talks, he’s already noticed that Ted’s video has become a great platform for his own career.

“It’s so much fun.

I was just really excited when I saw Ted’s first video.

I watched it with my family and they loved it,” Gogin said.

“The more people that know me, the more people will watch.

It’s really cool.”

The YouTube star is also the creator of a “TED Talks” app, which is designed to give people more access to the content of Ted talks and other videos, and give them the chance to submit their own TED talks for inclusion in the videos.

The videos are still available for download on Ted Talks’ website.


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