How to be famous and sell on YouTube

The internet is littered with videos of people selling on YouTube.

Many of these videos are created by users with a little bit of time and effort.

But what if you could make a living by selling your own YouTube content?

How would you do it?

That’s what Andrew Gadsden and Kevin Hoch, both 20-somethings from California, have been trying to figure out for the past two years.

They’ve spent more than $3,000 to build their own YouTube channel and have already sold more than 1,500 videos.

But they’re now looking to scale up their business to become a multi-million dollar company.

“I started off with a couple of YouTube channels.

I had this one for myself that I made for fun.

I just thought, well, why not build this one out and start selling it?”

Gadsen told Engadge.

“Then I found out about this startup called TwitRide.

That’s basically a free video platform.

It’s sort of a social media platform for the video community, and they had these cool things they wanted to do.”

The idea for the channel came from Gadsenden’s father.

“My dad is a video gamer.

He had this whole gaming channel on YouTube and he was watching it and I had no idea what it was,” Gadsens said.

“So I thought, what if I made this channel, then I would have the ability to monetize the content I made.”

Gadsden then realized Twitride had a ton of video content and could sell it on their platform.

“I realized, you know, if I’m going to make money from this, it’s going to be through video.

So, yeah, I thought it would be fun to go and get the channel up,” Gadesen said.

They got started by selling videos, then created an app called YouTube TV that they launched last year.

That app allows people to monetise their videos and make money.

Gadsensen said Twitrider had over 100,000 subscribers at the time of the interview.

“The thing is, you can make a lot of money on YouTube, but it’s really hard to monetify a channel on your own,” Gadosen said, adding that it’s very hard to find a niche to monetze.

“The people who do really well, the ones who are making money, the one who’s making money is people who are going to stick around for a long time.”

Gadensen said that after he started the channel, he started making money from it, selling it on YouTube’s platform.

The channel has grown from a couple hundred videos to over 1,000.

He says that’s because of the platform’s ability to sell videos.

“They allow people to make a million dollars, but at the same time, if you’re just making a couple thousand dollars a month, that’s not going to pay for your rent,” Gadens said, explaining how it can make money for people.

“If you’re making six figures a month on YouTube you’re not going see your rent go up, but if you can sell videos, that can be a huge moneymaker for you.”

For Gadsesen, his channel is his outlet to get paid, and he’s willing to make that money by making money on the channel.

He said he hopes to eventually have a $3 million dollar company, which would give him more money to spend on YouTube instead of living at home.

“YouTube is going to help you build a lot more than you would ever think it would,” Gaddens said of the business.

“But I’m not a millionaire.

I’m only making around $3 [million] a month from YouTube.”

As for the monetization side, Gadserson said he has an idea.

“We are going [to] make money off ads,” Gadasen said to Engadgy.

“You know, people will come and say, ‘Oh, YouTube doesn’t have ads.’

But we are going for ads, we are making the videos free, we’re selling ads, and I’m getting paid for the ads.

Thats a big deal to us.”

For his part, Gadelsen said his channel can also make money by selling merchandise.

“Our merch is our business.

I sell a ton.

I make a ton, and so we can make that revenue.

We can make some money from merchandise.”

But what if YouTube wasn’t so great for selling stuff?

What if the platform could become a more useful tool for creators, who could use the platform to make their videos even more lucrative?

“YouTube has been a very good tool for us, but now we need to start taking advantage of the new features,” Gadiens said to me.

“Because, as I said, YouTube has been really good for us for a really long time.

But now we have to figure how to use


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