How to monetize your Youtube videos using Foursquare’s mobile app

It’s time to start monetizing your YouTube videos with Foursquire.

Foursque’s mobile apps have a wealth of features to help you monetize the videos that your audience loves, like ads and in-app purchases. 

With the Foursquel app, you can get access to the full Foursquet dashboard for all of your videos, as well as share videos with the Fivesquare community and share with the world. 

You can also monetize videos on Foursqreaks mobile app and integrate with the platform to see your videos earn more ad revenue. 

Here are some examples of what you can monetize on the Forsquare dashboard. 

Your videos are now earning money. 

As a result, your videos are earning more ad dollars. 

These ads are being shared with the community. 

Ads are being shown in your video. 

This is a new revenue stream for your channel. 

New revenue streams and monetization strategies are coming your way. 

The Foursquin apps are great for helping you get started, but Foursquer is even better if you have more experience monetizing videos on the platform. 

Check out Foursques dashboard for more details. 

To get started monetizing a video on Forsquer, follow these simple steps: 1.

Sign up for Foursqua 2.

Enter your YouTube channel name 3.

Click on “New Ads” from the left side menu 4.

Select the “Foursquares” app 5.

Enter the following code in the field below:  7.

Select “Share” 8.

Select your video 9.

Enter an URL into the search box to find more videos from your community.


Once you find a video, click “Submit” and the video will be automatically added to your channel!


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