Why you should watch ‘The Great Gatsby’ at least once and subscribe to it more than once, says Anushka Sharma

The latest movie of the ‘The Godfather’ trilogy will make you laugh and cry, as well as drive your brain to insane levels.

The film’s makers have now announced a free, subscription-only YouTube video subscription service called YouTube Red, with subscribers able to stream a movie of their choice for just Rs1.50 per month.

A video subscription costs Rs1,499, which is more than the Rs1 price of a single-disc DVD, and it is available to anyone who subscribes to YouTube Red through their Google account.

YouTube Red offers free videos to subscribers of YouTube and is available on the Google Play Store and Amazon.com.

The service allows subscribers to subscribe to videos in their own language and language packs.

The subscription is priced at Rs1 per month and can be accessed on YouTube.com/YouTubeRed, YouTube.in, YouTube Red in-app store and YouTube Red app.

YouTube Red will be available on November 10 and is priced from Rs1 to Rs5 per month for the subscription.

A new feature, dubbed YouTube Red Live, will be launched on November 17 to let subscribers watch YouTube videos while listening to music in the background.

“This is an incredibly fun and creative experience that gives us the chance to see if we can make something special with this feature,” YouTube India general manager Rajesh Gautam told The Hindu.

“The creators are taking this as a chance to do something new and we’re looking forward to it.”

For subscribers of the YouTube Red service, there will be a range of other features like the ability to upload their own music, view and subscribe videos from their devices, watch YouTube and Instagram, listen to music while watching videos and subscribe for future updates.


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