How a studio made the best science fiction film in the world

The makers of a video game called Portal have released a documentary that details how they made the most technologically advanced video game to date.

The film, called Portal, was filmed at the University of Cambridge and was filmed on location at the UK’s research university.

It focuses on how Portal helped shape the future of science fiction, and how it is being made today.

“We are really lucky to have access to so many of the people who made the games that we love,” co-director of the documentary, Stephen Gopnik, said in a statement.

“In the last few years, the game industry has been a catalyst for a new wave of creativity and innovation in science fiction and fantasy, creating new stories and worlds.”

The UK is one of the most interesting places in the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy for that reason, so Portal was a fantastic opportunity to capture that spirit and make a film that is both an exploration of the game and an exploration into the ways in which science fiction is influenced by science fact.

“In the film, Gopniak tells the story of Portal creator Valve and the UK university where he attended.

The film, which will be screened at the Science Museum, is being produced in partnership with the British Institute for Television and Film (BIFT).”

We really want to show people how Portal is a game, and we want people to be able to experience it for themselves,” Gopney said.”

They can see how it’s a product that was created by people who are in the game.

We want people in the audience to have that experience too, but we also want people who may not have had a chance to experience the game, who may have never even seen a Portal before, to be part of this story.

“It’s a very special story and we’re hoping to tell that story in the film.”

The film tells the full story of how the team at Valve came up with Portal, including the development process, the team’s early development of the video game and its current state.

“This is a film about what the UK is doing in the videogames industry today and how the games industry in general has changed in the last five years, from the advent of console and PC gaming to the advent and success of VR,” said Gopnyk.

The video game was created at Valve by a team of 30 people, including Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell, and was released in 2012.

“That game is still around today and has gone on to be a huge success for Valve,” he said.

The team at the university made Portal in collaboration with the UK government’s Centre for Digital Science and Technology.

The video was shown in the UK and the US at the Siggraph conference.


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